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SQL Auto Restore

Full-automatically synchronized recovery of database backups

Real-time perception for the database backups of the disk, automatic intelligence recovery, and solution for low-cost database synchronization!

Backup monitoring

Efficiently real-time file monitoring and extremely low occupancy rate of resources

Data analysis

Multi-chart and full-dimension display with visual effect

Recovery log

Large and accurate data indicators to trace any recovery event


Extracting the original intention of human operation and starting from the origin, simple but extraordinary

Disk monitoring with high efficiency

With the unique real-time perception and monitoring technique for the variation of disk files, the backups in the documents can be tracked dynamically. About a hundred of files can be written within 10 milliseconds, with extremely low occupancy rate of system resources.

Intelligent backup recovery

With as many as more than 30 techniques of intelligent identification recovery inlayed during the process of database restoration, the complicated work becomes simple. A series of problems, including medium identification, backup recovery, log cleaning and data exchange, can be solved while processing.

Overall data analysis

Based on the solution of the dynamic chart “Echarts”, the recovery log information can be analyzed and displayed in multi-dimensions and multi-charts, which can provide a clear analysis result to help control every detail during the recovery process!

WEB remote administration

Under authorization, any browser can be used for remote control of the service engine to set up system and look up the detailed log information without relying on the third-party platform / interface.

Diverse data interfaces

The methods and modes of interfaces can be freely defined to make real-time transmission of the detailed operation log information to the assigned interface and realize easy extension. For instance, the third-party software can conduct certain operation after successful synchronization.

Wide range of application

Besides database recovery, it also emphasizes on low-cost database synchronization, including batch database recovery, internal and external network database transmission, database timing synchronization and database hyposensitization.